It all started with a request for a laptop for a young teenage girl whose parents died unexpectedly. The young girl had moved in with her aged grandparents who were not technology-literate and had neither the funds nor the capacity to support this young girl's education requirements. A group of volunteers stepped in and a laptop complete with accessories was delivered to allow her to continue her education in as normal a manner as possible. Bridging Communities was then formed to allow philanthropists and the caring public to provide direct assistance to families where the request for assistance is outside of the criteria or timelines of other organisations operating in the community services sector.


The plight of a young family of three children with special needs was brought to our attention by a Local Area Coordinator of Disability Services Commission. This family from Ellenbrook didn't have a vehicle to assist them with their weekly visits to PMH and therapy providers for their three children.   Bridging Communities sourced and organised the donation of funds then worked with City Motors to purchase a vehicle appropriate for the family, complete with three years complimentary servicing. 


One of our members was working as a volunteer and noticed a young girl who would not speak or smile.   Enquiries ascertained that although she was very community minded and volunteered at all of the events in her local town, she was embarrassed by her misshapen jaw and teeth which had happened when she was a small child.   Now in her late teens, the disfiguration was restricting her ability to obtain employment and participate in community life. Her mother is a sole parent supporting three teenage children, so the cost of reconstruction was prohibitive to this family.   Bridging Communities sought the assistance of professionals who recommended a three-year plan to realign her jaw and teeth, and then funding was sought to commit to the plan.   This young lady has had twelve months of work done which has enabled her to gain work at her local supermarket; she is blossoming more each day.


It was very apparent on meeting Bobbie at school that he was within the Autistic Spectrum and he needed a great deal of support within the classroom. His teacher felt frustrated and upset as there was very little she could do to assist with Bobbie's development. Bobbie's Mum could afford neither the time nor the money to take Bobbie to get the necessary official diagnosis. Her new born baby had severe health problems and this was taking priority within the family unit. Bridging Communities worked with a major donor to provide the funds for Bobbie's assessment, which was confirmed, and the school was then able to access support services and a teachers assistant. A great outcome for Bobbie and his family.